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KM 4000 Hot Box Reclaimer and KM 4-48 Infrared

Black Dawg Sealcoat of Columbus’s New Addition!

Greetings Black Dawg Franchise Group,

I’m very proud to announce Black Dawg Sealcoat of Columbus has signed the purchase order for equipment that will effectively open our new pavement repair division. This new division will feature the KM InternationalKM2-18X Infrared machine (see article below). We hope to take delivery in 2-3weeks and utilize this equipment most of the year.

Many thanks to Mike McGuckin and Cliff at KM International for working with us to get the setup we were looking for and providing trainingto our crew.

Dave Lewis

Black Dawg Sealcoat of Columbus



KM2-18XTM Infrared- A Paver’s Best Friend

The lightweight KM2-18X is easily moved to service areas previously inaccessible.The fully self contained infrared unit is a workhorse and will provide manyhours of repairs using two 30 pound cylinders of propane. This is the perfectmachine for new pavement fixes and utility cut repairs.
The KM2-18X offers the operatoran option to use either a single 3′-6″ x 3′-3″ zone or dual 3′-6″ x 6′-6″ zones totaling 22.75 square feet of infrared heat. This unit also works well for thermoplastic template applications.

Why waste perfectly good asphalt when you can”Recycle and Repair”.

Permanent Repair

Seamless welded edges. No saw cut joints thatallow water seepage to quickly deteriorate repairs. No freeze thaw issues thatoccur from traditional methods.

Cost Efficient

Much less new asphalt required. No unnecessary equipment, less manpower per repair. A green process that makessense and profits.

Time Saving

Eliminate saw cutting, jack hammering,loading, trucking and disposal. The Infrared Process takes one-half the time of traditional methods of Asphalt Repair. There is only one trip to the jobsite.Less noise and less mess.

Typical Uses

Trip hazards, paving “cold” seams,isolated failures, catch basins, manhole repairs, bird baths, potholes, utilitycuts, decorative imprints and thermoplastic markings.
These versatile infrared asphalt recyclers are designed for common occurring asphalt problems – repair improper seams, sunken utility cuts, lower elevated or buckled surfaces,refinish manholes, potholes or other broken areas.
The penetrating infrared raysof the recyclers quickly soften the existing asphalt without burning. Typically the top 1 1/2″ to2″ of asphalt is ready for raking within 7 – 10 minutes.

·        Remove bird baths, lower high spots, repaircatch basins

·        Eliminate potholes, remove oil spots

·        Correct asphalt imperfections & alligator cracking

·        Thermoplastic installation

·        Printing Asphalt
Once softened and scarified,hot mix is added to bring the recycled area back to proper grade.
Compacting produces a permanenthot patch level with the existing asphalt. Water seepage is eliminated becausethe repair is seamless.
The procedure described can be used to repair large areas by sequentially moving the KM 4-40 or KM 4-48 overthe damaged area.

Customer Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a father and son that use our equipment.

My father and I have been using K M products for the better part of the last 7 years.  We discovered them as a means to take care of our own commercial properties in Michigan in lieu of such high deferred maintenance costs and the estimates we were recieving at that time to handle the damaged asphalt at our properties. We did work for ourselves for some time, then my father (at the age of 72!) said to me, “I think we could make money doing this!” We started our business shortly there after and now he handles southeastern Michigan and I am in Columbus, OH.

We have both found that infrared repair technology offers an incredible alternative to saw-cut/replace as well as mill/fill. In central Ohio, I am approximately $2 less expensive per square foot than those alternatives.  This allows me to wim more jobs from my competitors.  Both my father and I have been able to secure jobs that require just a few heats (5-20), but have also landed 60 to over 100 heat application jobs.  When you start getting jobs that have over 50 heats on a regular basis you know your gonna have a great year!!!

Infrared patch was the cornerstone of our business in our first year and continues to be the defining service we provide to all our customers.

Thanks K M!

Dan & Mike Taliercio

Infrared Asphalt Machine & Asphalt HotBox Customer Testimonial

Here at KM International, we often receive compliments on the quality, durability, and efficiency of our Infrared Asphalt Repair Machines and our Asphalt Hotboxes.

Occasionally, a very satisfied customer will take the time to write us a letter.  That’s just what Lyle Beyerlein of Beyerlein Sealing Co. did recently.  He was so pleased with his infrared unit and hotbox, he just wanted to share his experience and extend his appreciation.

Here’s a quote from his letter:

Since then I am very happy with the units and have increased my gross income by 25% – 30%.

Click here, or click the image below to read his entire letter.

Infrared Asphalt Equipment Product Testimonial

Infrared Asphalt Equipment Product Testimonial

This is just another example of our commitment to the design and manufacture of the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment in the market is not just a “quote on the wall” but rather the driving force for the entire KM International team.

We Are The Infrared Process Experts