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We've teamed up wth Crest Capital Equipment Leasing to bring our customers financing options for Infrared Asphalt Heaters and Hotbox Reclaimers.

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KM International

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2-Ton Trailer Mounted Asphalt Hot Boxes

2-Ton Trailer Mounted Asphalt Hot Boxes Two ton asphalt capacity trailer unit. Asphalt hotbox reclaimer allows asphalt to be maintained at working temperature for up to 3 days.

  • Insulated, gravity feed shovel port
  • Dual shovel/took rack
  • Automatic LP changeover regulator
  • Thermostatically controlled heat with 100% safety shut down

Reclaimer: When new asphalt is unavailable, stockpiled or used material can be loaded into the KM 4000T and recycled. Within 12 hours the hard, cold chunked asphalt is reclaimed to hot mix.

Never throw asphalt away again! Just stockpile and recycle with the KM Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer or Asphalt Recycler.

KM 4000T Specifications

Dimensions:156"L x 96"W x 70"H
Capacity (Asphalt):4,000 lbs. of material
Heating Element:50,000 BTU propane
105,000 BTU #2 fuel oil (option)
Fuel Supply:Two (2) 30 lb. cylinders
25 gallon fuel tank with #2 fuel (option)
Pilot:Electronic fuel ignition with 100% safety shut down capability
Filling Door:Single high temperature insulated lid adjustable lock down latches for secure loads. Includes gas spring open assist, single cantilever opening handle
Shovel Port:Single insulated door on sliding track, 17"W x 17"H
Construction:All welded steel, triple welded construction 16 gauge skin, 12 gauge asphalt compartment
Capacity (Trailer):7,000 lbs. GVWR
Axle:Single 7,000 lb. TORFLEX, Standard Electric Brakes
Tires and Wheels:3,520 lbs. LR E (each)
Weight:2,180 lbs. (including optional tack tank, solvent tank and torch)
Optional Features

- Heated 30 gallon liquid tack tank, thermostatically controlled with 100% safety shut down.

- Liquid utility solvent tank

- 60 pound cylinders

- 1000 lb. loading winch and davit

- Hand torch

- Type 2 fuel oil heating system

- Hydraulic brakes

- Self-contained hydraulic dump unit

- Low temperature thermostat, (for cold patching materials)

- Electric back-up heat (for overnight, indoor heat maintenance)

- Tool Rack

We are the "In-Place Recycle and Repair" experts.


In-place asphalt repair with our efficient and cost-effective Infrared Asphalt Equipment.

Asphalt Recyclers

Turn waste asphalt chunks, millings, or shingles into usable mix with our asphalt recycling equipment.

Hot Box Reclaimers

Work any day of the week with our asphalt hot box reclaimers.