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KM International
6561 Bernie Kohler Drive
North Branch, MI 48461

Toll Free: 800-492-1757 (USA Only)
Phone: 810-688-1234
Fax: 810-688-8765

KM International

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Asphalt Equipment

KM International manufactures the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment on the market. We design for their efficient use by contractors and government agencies alike.
  • Authority on the infrared process of in-place asphalt repair
  • Commitment to high-quality design and manufacture
  • Innovative industry leader
  • Green solutions for asphalt recycling


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In Partnership with
Crest Capital Equipment Leasing

The In-Place Asphalt Recycle and Repair Authority


In-place asphalt repair with our efficient and cost-effective Infrared Asphalt Equipment.

Asphalt Recyclers

Turn waste asphalt chunks, millings, or shingles into usable mix with our asphalt recycling equipment.

Hot Box Reclaimers

Work any day of the week with our asphalt hot box reclaimers.